A Hawaiian
Day Spa
Cradled by five surrounding volcanoes, A Hawaiian Day Spa envelopes the senses of the land and encourages you to discover the splendor of relaxation and meditation.  Let the natural healing powers of the environment reinvent your way of life.  A Hawaiian Day Spa offers unparalleled services with many ways to relax and revitalize beyond your expectations.  Take advantage of our special offers where you can spend your day indulging in spa treatments such as our Popular Waimea Raindrop Therapy, a profound treatment which brings about electrical and structural alignment using YoungLiving essential oils to maintain spinal health, help fight against viruses and restore good health.  Or try our Alii Acutonics treatment ­ a transformational sound healing with tuning forks which are aligned to the planetary frequencies to promote inner harmony. Have a truly Hawaiian experience with Pohaku Wela: Ancient Hawaiian massage using Hot lava stones to channel the aloha of the island directly into your body.    Treat your feet to Rainbow Reflexology ... using pressure on the reflex points of the feet which directly relate to other body parts.  Renew your energy with Reiki :  a Japanese hands-on healing technique used on a fully clothed body to focus energy into the body for healing. A traditional Hawaiian LomiLomi massage, will transform your body with coconut oil, effleurage and prayer.

A Hawaiian Day Spa also offers TheraSauna sessions. TheraSauna is a low heat, hyperthermia unit which strengthens normal cells, the immune and cardiovascular system.  Used in cancer facilities world-wide, the TheraSauna will help you with weight loss, reduce pain, improve lymph flow, cleanse the skin and cells, increases blood circulation and reduce both stress, toxins, heavy metals and cholesterol.

The LIFE biofeedback device is a favorite with A Hawaiian Day Spa guests.  Living Information Forms Energy (LIFE) treatment device detects stressors in the body and analyses the information at biological speeds and feeds that information back into the body so that the real healing can begin, from within.
A Hawaiian Day Spa is owned and operated by Nikki Spencer  LMT, Doctorate in Naturopathy.  A Hawaiian Day Spa provides leading edge health technologies and services.  Its services consist of treatments for anti-aging, detoxification, spa services, body, mind, spirit awareness as well as anti-aging and detoxification products.

Capture the balance, nature and energy of Hawaii as you relax and enjoy the wonders of this beautiful island.