Nikki Spencer
LMT, Doctorate of Naturopathy, Reiki Master, Biofeedback Consultant, Health and Wellness Consultant. 

Nikki has been a student of health and wellness; with a love for nutrition, body work, and alternative therapies since 1978.  She completed her Wise Women Herbal Training in 1995.  She studied the subtle energies and became a Reiki Master in 1992. 

 Nikki graduated from the Health Enrichment Center in Michigan as a Therapeutic Massage Practitioner in 1995 and went on to complete the graduate program in 1996.  She graduated from the Clayton School of Natural Healing with a Doctorate of Naturopathy – with High Honors in 1995. 

 With this education she went on to teach Reiki, Subtle Energy Healing, and Massage classes for the Creative Spirit Center in Michigan while independently owning and operating a Health and Healing Clinic servicing private clients. 

 Nikki has worked with many nutritional and health care companies since 1985.  Nikki has also been on the leading edge of health technologies offering the latest of what 's on the market that works like StemEnhance (a stem cell enhancer), TheraSauna (the only far-infrared sauna), LIFE ( an advanced biofeedback stress management system),  Serrapeptase (an enzyme to decrease inflammation and break up scar tissue).   Visit the wellness products page for other leading technologies.

Nikki  moved to Hawaii in 2000 where she discovered  the teachings of Forever Living with Roger Cotting, and  Wisdom of the Body with Connie Smith R.N. and the teachings of Abraham with Jerry and Ester Hicks.  She incorporates these teachings in her life and offers them to her clients.

"Wisdom of the Body" teaches us how our bodies reveal how we are living.  With these teachings, Nikki can give you further insight into how you are living by knowing your symptoms, struggles and issues.  

She knows that any and all healing modalities are just symptom relief and that until we can get you to see how your  beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words and actions are  shaping your life, you will still be "sick" or experiencing "trauma/drama" (things that you don't want) in your life.  

Your struggles reveal your finest assets, so lets focus you in that direction. Nikki will teach you about your guidance system within your  self that can guide you to living the life that you truly desire.

Come to spend an hour, a day, or a week exploring, expanding, and relaxing in the comfort of this inspiring environment.